Resin-coated plywood - it’ll withstand almost anything!

Resin-coated plywood

We offer resin-coated plywood panels made from birch in various thicknesses. The panels are coated on both sides and are available in thicknesses from 6.5mm to 30mm. As far as the material is concerned, they are birch through and through.

Resin-coated plywood can be used for virtually any purpose and therefore have a wide range of applications. They are, for example, often used as a substrate in trailers, floor coverings and stages. However resin-coated plywood is also used for both indoor and outdoor fittings, for dividing walls, for doors and wall or ceiling panelling. The panels are waterproof owing to their coating and to having been compressed, and are very resistant to adverse weather conditions. We have every common thickness of this construction board in stock, or can make them available for delivery at short notice.

» Thicknesses from 6.5mm to 30mm

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Boards made of compressed wood strands

OSB & chipboard

This type of board can be used for any purpose. It is a particularly popular building material for constructing roofs, walls and ceilings. However OSB boards are also ideally suited to building furniture.

The abbreviation OSB stands for ‘oriented strand board’, which means the wood strands are compressed in layers to form a board. In contrast to other chipboards, OSB boards are made of glued thinning material with an extremely small amount of glue. It is the coarse wood shavings that give OSB boards (also called sterling board in British English) its characteristic and striking appearance. OSB boards have become more and more important in recent years. They are extremely affordable and very robust. Whether it’s for load-bearing applications in wood construction, interior fittings or as a packaging material - OSB boards will suit virtually any purpose. We have every common thickness of this construction board in stock, or can make them available for delivery at short notice. Depending on your construction project, you can choose from board thicknesses ranging from 9mm up to 30mm. Plan your project carefully so that you end up with a fantastic result. Our experts are happy to answer any questions you may have about OSB boards, dimensions and thicknesses.

» Thicknesses from 9mm to 30mm

Layer upon layer - a robust wood-based product.

Glued laminated timber

Our industrially manufactured glued laminated timber (also called glulam) is extremely durable. Glulam is made up of at least three dried softwood boards or lamellas with parallel fibres that are bonded together and lends itself ideally to the construction of load-bearing structures. Due to the raw materials being graded by strength from the outside to the inside and the homogenisation resulting from this layered composition, it is able to bear loads that are 80% larger than ordinary construction timber, and is moreover very rigid and crack-resistant.


Alongside simple, straight components it is possible to create shapes with a range of cross sections and/or a simple curvature. Twisted building components or ones with a double curve can also be made.

Dieser Holzwerkstoff ist aus früherer Zeit auch als Leimholz oder Leimbalken bekannt. Do you think this material is the ideal wood for your load-bearing construction project? If so, why not pay us a visit and discover more about the available dimensions and processing possibilities.

» Freely definable formats