Transport packaging

Pallet cages

European four-way steel pallet cages are perfectly suited for transporting bulky or loose cargoes. Owing to their solidity and ease of stacking, EUR pallet cages are highly valued in warehousing. There are clear requirements on labelling these cages. We offer both new and used EUR pallet cages pursuant to UIC code 435-3.


Transport packaging

Pallet frames

Stackable and extremely versatile: those are the two main advantages of our one- or two-board pallet frames (1200mm x 800mm x 200mm). These wooden pallet frames were specially developed for use with the widespread EUR pallets, are reusable and available in various dimensions and with a range of side materials for the lower part. To adjust them for your products, the pallet frames can be stacked on top of each other and are even easy to fold up and stow away while in use. They are made of four galvanised folding corner hinges attached to 20mm thick boards. Our pallet frames are available either with or without IPPC treatment and can also be custom-made for you. Naturally we are glad to offer you the possibility of designing your own customised wooden pallet frames with virtually any dimensions, and with a choice of 6 or 4 hinges.

Printing your company name or logo and adding fingerholes both improve ease of transport and offer you additional flexibility while going about your daily business in the industry.


Transport packaging

Wooden crates

Our crates are made from a variety of materials such as solid wood, OSB or plywood. The crates are made according to your specifications and can be constructed in any dimensions you desire. The crates can also be IPPC treated if you wish to use them for exports. Our wooden crates with polypropylene (PP) hollow-chamber multiwall sheets allow you to divide up the contents of the crate, thus offering excellent stability without adding extra weight. The PP hollow-chamber multiwall sheets are easy to clean and and perfect for long-term storage.


Transport packaging

Trade show crates

The creation of trade show crates with fixtures, linings, handles and fasteners is the inevitable consequence of the continued development of the multi-functional crate for the purpose of transporting precision measurement technology and equipment. The padding of these crates offers all the protection you could desire for transporting and storing high-precision measurement and production equipment. Personal consultation before these crates are made is vital in the interest of quality and to ensure the crates are suitably adapted for their intended purpose.

With this in mind, special padded and unpadded inlays and mould carriers can be created for any conceivable object you may wish to transport.


Transport packaging

Sawn timber & wedges

Available in a range of variants including squared timbers, battens, boards and so on, our sawn timber and wedges can be acquired with chamfered edges, planed surfaces, grooves, and having been IPPC treated, dried or freshly cut in either hard or softwood. The versatility of our sawn timber and wedges allow you to utilise solutions that keep your goods safe and secure on pallets and while stored in transport packaging during transit.


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We have extensive experience in the fields of engineered wood, transport solutions and firewood, and can provide you with all-encompassing advice. We will gladly deliver your products to you with our fleet of lorries.

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