Sustainability & Environment

And where is nature in all this?

As a timber supplier, we bear the responsibility for the conscious use of our forests and nature. Wood is a renewable raw material. In order to use as few other raw materials as possible, our pallets are made by processing the wood mechanically. This requires little energy and no water. As heating for our company we use a wood gasification boiler. This is characterised by very low pollutant emissions and a very high efficiency compared to other solid fuel boilers. We are committed to sustainable forestry. For us, as for most European countries, the annual logging is less than the renewable wood. Therefore, for us, the most important suppliers of wood for packaging are domestic suppliers. Wood is also climate-neutral. It binds large quantities of CO2. Sustainable forestry and wood use therefore reduce the increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. We were audited and the proper implementation of wood treatment and/or wood marking according to ISPM No. 15 in accordance with §§ 13p, q, r of the PBVO was determined.