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Euro pallets

We offer sturdy and reliable transport pallets in standardised variants. We are happy to design and plan a personalised transport project with you that requires something more than just standard dimensions. An EUR-pallet is a flat pallet (FP) that is eligible for the European Pallet Pool (EPP). This will usually refer to a reusable transport pallet that conforms with EN 13698-1, has a a surface area of 0.96m2, measures 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm (l x w x h) and has an empty weight between 20kg and 24kg (depending on dampness). It is held together by 78 special nails. The standardisation of the EUR-pallet dates back to the UIC and conforms with the specifications of the European Pallet Association (EPAL). The pallet has defined chamfering on the vertical outer edges and on the edges of the boards that make up the long sides. The former makes it easier to stack the pallets in tight cargo spaces, while the latter makes it easier to thread or roll the arms of a pallet truck through the gaps. Both types of chamfering help to prevent the wood from chipping. An EUR-pallet is a four-way pallet, which means it can be picked up and transported from any side with an automatic industrial truck, for example a pallet transporter or a forklift truck. We offer a choice of type 1 and type 2 pallets.

Schäfer pallets

One-way pallets

One-way pallets (also called export pallets) are intended for one-off transports from the manufacturer to the consumer and are therefore not particularly durable. They are generally used as disposable pallets in exports and stay with the recipient, who either disposes of them or recycles them. Depending on requirements they can be made of wood, pressed wood, plastic or corrugated cardboard. One-way pallets are available in every conceivable set of dimensions and design. Particularly large quantities will, however, be converted into standardised sizes of 800mm x 600mm (half EUR size), 1200mm x 800mm (EUR size) or 1140mm x 1140mm (container size). One of the other standardised sizes is 600mm x 400mm (quarter EUR size), which is particularly suitable for displays.

In contrast to reusable pallets, for which various pooling systems are set up on the market, one-way pallets are not exchanged. The last recipient in the supply chain disposes of the pallet. Many countries have no desire for pallet pools, as this constitutes a challenge for the carriers.

We are happy to help you find the ideal pallet that will meet your requirements, and so that we are able to ascertain which requirements we must fulfil for your products.

Schäfer pallets

Chemical pallets

The European chemical industry uses large quantities of wooden pallets that do not originate from a pool designated for the distribution of goods. For environmental reasons it is necessary to organise the reuse of these pallets. Formed of experts from various companies in the chemical and plastics industries, our team supports the present specifications for the manufacture and reconditioning of chemical pallets (CP). We pay particular attention to the aspects of quality, safety and environmental protection.

Schäfer pallets

Round/special pallets

We can create or acquire one-way and special pallets and accessories in accordance with your stated requirements. Special pallets can be delivered in any dimensions and and are available for export purposes with treatment as per IPPC requirements. Upon request we can also print your company logo on your pallets. Some transport goods are difficult to transport on conventional pallets, and some not at all. Specially created round pallets are specifically adapted to the goods you wish to transport. They therefore represent a practical alternative for shipping and storing round goods. These pallets are particularly suitable for bulky, round-shaped goods such as rolled up steel strips or cables.

For export purposes, OSB pallets are no longer considered as wooden pallets but as pallets made from engineered wood. This feature makes OSB pallets very interesting for exporting to countries such as China or the USA, where strict import regulations for wooden packaging apply.

Formatbeispiele 1200 mm x 600 mm,1000 mm x 600 mm 1200 mm x 800 mm, 1050 mm x 850 mm 1200 mm x 1000 mm, 1250 mm x 1050 mm
Formatbeispiele 1200 mm x 600 mm,1000 mm x 600 mm 1200 mm x 800 mm, 1050 mm x 850 mm 1200 mm x 1000 mm, 1250 mm x 1050 mm

Schäfer pallets

Inka pallets

The Inka pallet is a reusable pallet made from compressed waste wood. Owing to their shape, these pallets can be stored packed tightly together and therefore take up less space. Since there is no obligation to exchange or track Inka pallets, there are no hire or exchange costs and they are consequently relatively affordable to purchase. Thanks to the various different dimensions in which these pallets are offered, they are also ideal for exporting goods. The pallets are available, for example, with dimensions of 1140mm x 1140mm, which fit perfectly in overseas containers. Their suitability as an export pallet is underlined by the fact that no phytosanitary certificate is required since the regulations governing the export of packaging made of solid wood do not apply. They are also completely free of damaging pests even without treatment pursuant to ISPM 15. As a result, exporting to China, Australia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, South Korea and so on is not a problem.

Schäfer pallets

Fire retardant pallets

Transport packaging for fire retardant goods such as firebricks plays an important role in many industrial and logistical fields of activity. Standardised protective treatments protect our pallets against the effects of the weather and thereby ensure heavy goods are kept safe and stable during transportation. We offer fire retardant pallets as reusable and exchangeable pallets with dimensions of 800mm x 1100mm x 128mm.

In accordance with the manufacturing standards of the Federation of the German Fire Retardant Industry, our pallets are made from softwood, DIN 4074/1, in grading class S13 and are marked with an R on both sides of the central square timber. They are moreover characterised by having a high load capacity (1.5 tonnes after treatment, 7.5 tonnes when stacked), and these pallets are also suitable for containers.

Schäfer pallets

Düsseldorf pallets

The Düsseldorf pallet is a pallet reinforced with metal that perfectly meets the requirements of industry, logistics and trade. The come in a manageable half EUR pallet size of 800mm x 600mm and fulfil all the criteria that allow them to be used both for transporting and presenting goods. Unlike with conventional display pallets, the Düsseldorf pallet can be picked up from any side using any standard equipment, such as a pallet truck or a forklift. Düsseldorf pallets are moreover used on an exchange basis, which makes them particularly economical and cost-efficient to use.

Schäfer pallets

Custom-made products

Your goods are produced and set out on their last and probably most important journey to your consumer. It’s important that nothing should go wrong. But since every good has a different shape and transportation requirements, a suitable means of transport is especially important.

We can work together with you to design your transport packaging right down to the finest details and find a solution suitable for any shape and any requirements. Get in touch and look forward to a transportation solution that’s as much your own as your actual products. We will present your solution and the best production method for your project using informative technical drawings. We look forward to receiving your inquiry.


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