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Carports & garden sheds

These outdoor structures are practically miracles. Owing to the circulation of the air, a car dries under a car port more quickly, and it also offers space for storing and organising your garden equipment, as well as protecting it from the weather. With a little attention to detail, your new car port or summer house can become the new eye catcher in the house that is your pride and joy. This can take the form of a colourful lick of paint, a few technical details such as lighting, arched uprights, types of wood and much more. Uniform features can be complemented by and combined with a diverse range of optional extras.

We offer summer houses and car ports in various finishes and with differing wall thicknesses. We are happy to design and plan a tailor-made project with you that is geared towards how you will use the structure in your own home. You can choose from small but practical single car ports right up to spacious double car ports with integrated storage rooms.

More information about our garden products can be found in the Palmako and WEKA catalogs. Please click here…