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We have extensive experience in the fields of engineered wood, transport solutions and firewood, and can provide you with all-round advice. We will gladly deliver your products to you with our fleet of lorries.


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It goes without saying that as a wood supplier, we are responsible for ensuring we interact with our forests and nature in a conscientious manner.

Wood is a renewable resource. In order to use the minimal possible amount of raw materials, our pallets are created by mechanically processing the wood, which requires very little energy and no water. We use a wood gasification boiler to heat our company premises. In comparison with other solid fuel boilers, what makes this method stand out is that it produces very low levels of pollutant emissions and is extremely efficient.

We are committed to sustainable forestry. As in most European countries, we make sure that the number of trees we cut down each year is less than the number of trees planted. That’s why domestic providers are our most important suppliers of packaging wood. Wood is also climate-neutral. It absorbs large quantities of CO2. Sustainable forestry and wood consumption thus reduces the increase in the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.

We have been examined and our wood treatment and marking processes certified as conforming with ISPM 15 pursuant to paragraphs 13P, Q and R of the PBVO (Plant Inspection Ordinance).